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Applicants for admission to the Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School are evaluated regarding their ability to succeed and their passion to learn the Art of Couture. A personal interview with Jamileh Kamran is held before the application is approved. Applicants during the interview must show proof of their Ability to Benefit from the program by providing one of the following:

  • A copy of a high school diploma or its equivalency:

    • GED

    • Official high school transcript showing completion of High School

    • Written certification by a cognizant authority for home-schooled students

If the applicant is unable to have a copy of the above, then they may also provide proof of:

  • Official Transcript of Completion of at least six credit hours or 225 clock hours that are applicable towards a degree or certificate offered by the post-secondary institution

  • Proof of Completion of a State process approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education. 

Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

However, Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School shall have the power to deny Admission if the applicant has pleaded guilty, entered a plea of nolo contendere, or has been found guilty in a criminal proceeding.


Students can enroll as early as age thirteen with consent of their parent/guardian. No experience or prior training is required to attend Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School. Students will begin with the fundamentals of basic tailoring and build to the more demanding courses.


Communications regarding admission should be addressed to Jamileh Kamran. Applications for admission should be submitted early so that scheduling of classes can be facilitated.

Students will need to schedule a school tour to visit the school campus as well as discuss the application prosses. Scheduling a tour can be booked Online or by Phone. After meeting with the student and the full application prosses is discussed, and filled out. All applicants will be notified of action taken as quickly as possible by email after the interview with Jamileh Kamran. All applicants that are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for permission to enroll.

Each class meets once a week for 1 hour of lecture and 4 hours of hands-on work.

Tuesday -Saturday are available. 

We accept rolling admissions based on class availability. 


Full Vocational Fashion Study Program has one Pre-Requisite: Completion of A-Vocational Basic Tailoring. Each class has a maximum of 8 students. This allows for a 8 student to 1 instructor ratio for a more hands-on learning environment. For a course to be scheduled it must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.

Any student enrolled who has a disability/special needs that may prevent the full participation in JKAFS courses should Contact Jamileh Kamran at 501-663-3242 to make the necessary accommodations to facilitate the educational opportunity.


 Minimal acceptable grades and/or grade point average for acceptable transfer of credits will be 70% or higher on a scale of 100%, in accordance to ACCET standards. A maximum for the program of 25% or 150 hours will be accepted for transfer of credit.

Transcript, catalog, syllabi, or course outlines must be provided to JKAFS before requesting a transfer credits to make sure that the course curriculum coordinate with the ones taught by JKAFS. Due to the sequence of Courses in the Fashion Study program credits can not be approved for lessons that have not been taught to the student.


If any additional information is required JKAFS will contact the school’s admissions office to request additional materials.


JKAFS may conduct an onsite skills test. To document equivalency. Based on the credits in question a test will be administered by subject matter and transferred in by lesson hours.


The Test will consist of completing a lesson without the JKAFS course book. The test administrator will provide an outline of the objectives and provide materials to complete the test. This test will not be open to outside student notes.

 A review will be completed by an instructor to compare and decide in the if transfer of credits should be awarded.

 Students can request an appeal, once an appeal has been requested, the review will be completed a second time by a different instructor to decide if the transfer of credits should be awarded.

Tuition will be adjusted by hourly cost weighting.
JKAFS must assist students when requesting transfer to other institutions, including, but not limited to, providing guidance or counseling and providing an official transcript, syllabi, or course outline. If the school receives a request for a transcript to be sent to school. JKAFS will send a transcript to the requested school within 7 business days. Student will be charged $15.00 per request.

Any institution making statements relative to the acceptance of its coursework for credit by JKAFS must have documented evidence to support such statements.

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