AFS gives its students opportunities to participate in fashion shows, and coaches students through both fashion shows and designer calls. AFS has several field trips to different locations that are in the fashion industry such as: fashion businesses, fabric stores, museums, manufactures, and more. Each Student will also have 2 hours free tutoring available per course. Students will also be able to have an additional 4 hours if the student is participating in a school extracurricular activity.


Arkansas Fashion School gives students the opportunity to go on field trips to businesses in the fashion field, participate in fashion shows as a designer or backstage, giving them valuable knowledge about merchandising, event organization, and applying for fashion shows. Self- Employment is a common outcome of the Fashion Study Program. AFS is a non- traditional, hands-on training vocational school. AFS provides assistance in location of employment areas in the fashion industry. AFS provides a list of local employers in the fashion industry.