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Shonda Ali-Shamaa

“Growing up, my dream was to become a fashion designer. Watching my mother sew, I gathered scraps and hand stitched my dolls clothes. Eventually buying my own machine, I attempted to make my own clothes. Not having the necessary skillset, it was a dream deferred.

Twenty years, two kids and a programming career later, I discovered the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion. From our first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision. Mrs. Kamran is warm, patient and very knowledgeable.  She teaches in a way that’s easily understood while respecting our individual design aesthetics and ensuring we maintain couture level detailing and construction. Instilling a desire for perfection and respect for the craft, Mrs. Kamran pushes her students and encourages us to strive for perfection. 

The pattern making and tailoring skills is learned at the Jamileh Kamran Fashion School (now the Arkansas School of Fashion) proved to be invaluable in my career as a fashion designer. The lessons in design, construction, performing fittings, client engagement, how to prepare for a fashion show and how to continue to develop your talent allowed me to not only participate in various shows, including being named Little Rock Fashion Week’s “Clothing Line of the Year” before my graduation, but has also led me to participate in shows such as Oklahoma Fashion Week as well as New York Fashion Week. I’ve been invited to participate in shows in Knoxville, Nashville, Arizona as well as Canada.

The AR Fashion School supports the development of a fashion network. Providing students with the experience of fashion markets, printing press, medial exposure and practical application. Mrs. Kamran is constantly presenting students with opportunities to showcase their designs (e.g. truck shows).

I would recommend anyone interested in a design career to contact Jamileh Kamran at the Arkansas School of Fashion.” –Shonda Ali-Shamaa

Chris Hess

“My name is Chris Hess. I am currently a celebrated, and awarded fashion designer, and alumni of the Arkansas Fashion School under Jamileh Kamran in Little Rock, Arkansas.   
While attending Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School, I gained knowledge, and designs skills that were able to pave a way for me to have a successful career in the fashion design industry. Jamileh’s design skills are impeccable, and she has a true gift in being able to pass her knowledge along to myself and her students. Jamileh Kamran not only taught me the technics to make beautiful clothing, she also taught me the importance of hard work, to always believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams, My dream was to be a successful fashion designer. I have followed her teaching since graduating, and now own a very successful clothing company called Country Deep.
 Country Deep is showcased on 3 major worldwide country websites, and has been the number one selling brand on all three sites for over 2 years now. We’re sold in over 400 retailers in the United States, and most recently have opened our own store front right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Country Deep has been worn by several celebrities such as the Dixie chics, and most recently Nick Hickman who has had 2 songs in the top 20 Country billboard. He will also be using our clothing for an upcoming music video called “Tipsy”.
I can’t thank Jamileh enough for the drive she installed in me, and showing me the skills to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a fashion designer.” –Chris Hess

Edward Coleman

“My name is Edward Coleman and I am a designer that was trained at the Arkansas Fashion School under Jamileh Kamran in Little Rock, Arkansas.  
While in design school, I gained a very strong foundation which has allowed me to choose how far I want to go in my design profession.   The detail that was paid to my education has provided me with a set of skills that rival and in some cases exceed those in more well-known design schools.   Beyond design though, the instructor, Mrs. Kamran, also instills in each student a sense of their worth and ability and she channels that for their benefit.   Outside of the curriculum, Mrs. Kamran actively seeks opportunities for her students to show case their work as well. 
I finished my time at the school in December of 2011.  Since leaving design school, I have had as much success as I have felt I needed at the time.  To be more precise, even before leaving the school, I opened my own custom designs and alterations business, Sew What!, in Little Rock, AR.  There I maintained a full clientele and was even able to leave my current job to pursue this. 
In December of 2011, I moved to Reno, NV where I currently reside.  I continued to do alterations for local stores here in Reno as well as some made to order custom designs. In 2013 I relaunched my design business as Edward Coleman Designs.  During that time I worked with a BMX company doing production work, and had several contracts with local dry cleaners for alterations and custom designs.  An additional part of this business was also custom designs for bridals, and men and women.   In the time since I have restarted my design business, I have been published multiple times across multiple years, locally, regionally and nationally.  I have dressed a supermodel for a fashion show, and I was a contestant in the Gen Art Fresh Faces in fashion competition, a competition that only takes the top students from design schools around the world, for 2015.” –Edward S. Coleman

Abby Alba

“I enrolled at the Jamileh Kamran Arkansas Fashion School at the young age of 13 years old. Since I was attending middle school during the week, I was able to take the fashion courses on Saturdays. Even though I was four courses into the fashion design program (Advanced Design 003), I was encouraged to audition and selected to participate at the Designer's Choice Fashion Preview 2013 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was also given the opportunity to showcase my clothing line at the Women's Expo in Little Rock 2013, Designer's Choice Fashion Preview 2014, Bridal Savior Faire 2014 and 2015, ALS in Wonderland Fashion Show 2015, The Castle on Stagecoach Fashion Show 2015, Big Brothers Big Sisters Fashion Show 2016, Midwest RunwayLOUD Fashion Show 2016, New York Fashion Week 2016, and recently I participated at the Arc of Dallas Competition 2016. During my participation in these fashion shows, Ms. Jamileh Kamran has been an essential supporter by providing guidance and exposure to the fashion industry. Ms. Jamileh Kamran saw my passion and workmanship in the completion of the design courses, she entrusted me with the task of proofreading her book, "Art of Couture". She continued to guide me in the business side of the fashion industry and took our class to the Dallas market for a field trip. With the knowledge acquired in marketing and advanced design, I began taking orders from family and friends. Ms. Kamran hired me as her assistant while I was taking the Couture courses, and as her assistant I began working with computer tasks such as advertising and data entry. I graduated the Arkansas Fashion School at 15 years old along with my classmate during my second fashion show of Designers Choice Fashion Preview. Ever since, I have been working on Saturdays as the assistant designer at the Arkansas Fashion School. As a current high school senior, I am saving the money I earned as the assistant to help me pay for my future college tuition and expenses. I also make custom orders for clients in Central Arkansas. SkyBlue by Abby Alba, LLC is my fashion design brand where I make coutured clothing for clients. The proceeds from these orders go towards expanding my business. Gaining an education from the Arkansas fashion school has provided me with a lot of opportunities. I received continuous guidance and support from Ms. Jamileh Kamran.” –Abby Alba

Erik Sellers

"From 2000 I've been drawing fashion and doing a little fashion design with limited sewing skills.  I knew basics and if a store bought pattern wasn't too hard, I could make it.  I've wanted to go to a fashion school or at least take some sort of classes in order to expand my passion.  I was told of Jamileh Kamran's school through a coworker.  A few months went by and I happened to see a flyer with her school's information.  I showed my wife the flyer and told her I wanted to eventually go to the school whenever the resources were handy.     I didn't think much about it as I was still designing and had even started my own bow tie line with some patterns I created.  I've worked in men's fashion for the last 8 years and was comfortable designing and sewing menswear.  I really wanted to diversify my skill set and work in womenswear as well.  I truly wanted to create an entire line and brand of men's and women's clothing, yet "reality" seemed to be in the way of my dream.  The usual excuses would surface (time, money, work, family, time, money, money, time, you get the picture) and one day the decision just had to be made and my wife was the one to actually make it.  She surprised me with a gift of my first sewing class at Jamileh Kamran's Arkansas School of Fashion!     I was ecstatic.  From day one I felt like this was where I've needed to be and I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  My passion and dream for designing and creating was being fulfilled!  Thanks to many, many hours of class and construction I am confident in my ability, skill, potential and excitingly will be showing in my first major show, debuting J. M. Gentry's menswear line.  Mrs. Kamran specializes in women's couture but has helped much in showing me how to adapt what I've learned into menswear as well.     As much as fashion changes, hemlines vary, shoulders and lapels widen or narrow one thing that will always stand is my foundation of great tailored, taught by Mrs. Jamileh.  My appreciation can never be fully expressed in words but please understand with every stitch I sew, I say Thank You!"  Erik Sellers

Krista Kouton

“My Name is Krista Kotoun and I graduated from Arkansas Fashion School in December of 2011.  I have always been interested in fashion and I started designing my own clothes at age 9.  It was always extremely frustrating for me because I did not have the skill set to bring my designs to life.  Eventually I graduated high school and received a large scholarship to Memphis Collage of Art.  I studied drawing and painting for a year, before deciding that was not my dream.  They did not have a fashion program and I refused to transfer to a school with one.  I did not want to put myself in that kind of debt.  I worked for a few years as a cocktail waitress before discovering Arkansas Fashion School.  One of the bar tenders I worked with was currently attending and raved about it.  I looked into the school and realized it was the exact program I needed, and it was affordable!  Shortly after, I registered for school and started classes.  The program overall was great, it was fast paced and really helped me understand the basic construction of a garment which in turn finally brought my designs to life.  While in school I applied for a job in the mailroom at Dillard’s Corporate.  I received a phone call from a woman in product development.  She was horrified that I had applied for the mailroom with my background and current schooling.  I was hired as her assistant.  She bought and designed coats for the woman’s area.  Within 6 months I graduated from Arkansas Fashion School and was promoted to Design Liaison for 3 brands with a large raise.  During that time I entered a Fashion Show with the help of Jamileh Kamran.  I tried out and was able to showcase my designs….Which was beyond exciting!!!!!!  I worked as a Design Liaison for 4 years with the opportunity to travel the world working with vendors to make our product a reality.  Around August of last year I found out my brand was transferring to the Florida team, which meant I was out of a job.  However, the VP called around the office, and I was hired on to the Men’s Team as a Textile Designer.  I worked as a Textile Designer for about a year, (during which time I hounded management with my aspirations to be a designer) and eventually was promoted to the Assistant Designer for Murano.  This came with another large raise.  Overall the school really changed my life.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for the school I would probably still be working odd jobs trying to find my way in the world.  I wish more schools were like this school, I learned ONLY what I needed and got out with zero debt and a bright future.” –Krista Kotoun

Linda Rowe Thomas

"Fashion has been a part of me since I can remember. My journey to that dream began with designing doll clothes when I was five years old as I sat watching my mother sew. Although, I took a career path that led me into business management, my dream of being a fashion designer was always greater. In 2001 I took a leap of faith and started my own company, Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas. Designing and sewing had always come natural to me but I didn't have the knowledge of pattern drafting techniques. I quickly found that the cost that came with hiring a pattern and sample maker was enormous. Those cost alone were a great hindrance to an up and coming designer.

Upon moving to Arkansas, I discovered the Kamran Fashion Design School. I was utterly thrilled to discover that not only was Mrs. Kamran's school capable of teaching me to make my own patterns, her skill and expertise were stellar. I enrolled and graduated the entire 5 course program. Upon my graduation I was equipped with the ability to transform my I design idea from concept, to pattern, to completion. The techniques taught by the Kamran School of Fashion Design are a lost art that I would recommend to any designer that is serious about perfecting their craft.

The meteoric rise of Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas has included appearances at some of the industry’s most highly acclaimed and prestigious events, featuring a growing number of “A” list celebrities. Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas celebrity styling has graced red carpet events such as the Golden Globes and the 2011 ESPY’s . Some of the notable actresses and celebrities include Kathy Jordan Sharpton and Kellita Smith of "The Bernie Mac Show". Thomas' designs were also recently featured in Heart and Soul June/July 2011 issue worn by WNBA champion, Candice Wiggins and the September issue of New York’s premiere fashion magazine Ouch, featuring model Ann Hall." –Linda Rowe Thomas

Darby Logan

“I am currently a student at the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion. I originally planned on taking a few classes to inspire and challenge my creativity and love of sewing, but I quickly realized how unique and rare this couture school is, and made the decision to enroll in the fashion degree program. Under the leadership of Jamileh Kamran, students are instructed in the art of couture pattern drafting and sewing. She combines her love of teaching and expertise in couture methods, and gives her students the most professional education and creative experience possible. She unselfishly gives her time, talent, and support to each and every student, and inspires us all to grow, to explore, and to reach our individual goals. The school means so much to me. I have learned more than I can put into words! It is place where each week I can tune out the rest of the world, and concentrate on something I love to do. I am grateful that the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion is located here in Arkansas, and that I have the unique opportunity to learn the art of couture sewing methods under the expertise of Ms. Kamran.” - Darby Logan

Jenny Shah

“Attending fashion school had always been in the back of my head for as long as I can remember.  Originally from Atlanta, I landed in Arkansas after my husband got a job opportunity in Little Rock.  I randomly googled “Fashion Schools in Arkansas,” one day and came across Mrs. Jamileh Kamran’s Arkansas School of Fashion.  The moment I walked into her studio, I knew this fashion school was far more sophisticated for me than other schools I had looked at around the country.  My situation was much different than other students because my husband and I were only going to be in Arkansas for six more months and he was going to be transferred elsewhere.  Mrs. Kamran really catered to my needs and spent countless hours with me ensuring that I complete a two-year program in just six months.  The school and Mrs. Kamran really have changed my life.  Not only did I receive first class education from one of the best designers, but also I have made my parents and my husband so proud of me for turning my dreams into reality.  With the knowledge Mrs. Kamran has embedded into me, I hope to design for Indian brides and create Indo-western garments.  
Mrs. Kamran is truly the kindest, most caring person in the world.  She pushed me to make sure I could do the best I could and without her, I know I couldn’t have done it.  Her eye for detail and creativity goes a long way and it has made me want to produce only immaculate pieces.  
Thank you for all of your precious time and effort with me, Mrs. Jamileh Kamran.” -Jenny J. Shah

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