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Best Emerging Designers Fashion Show in Arkansas

Every year Arkansas Fashion School holds an amazing Emerging Designers Fashion Show. Featuring all of the amazing talent that comes from the school. This year was no exception. Students and Alumni with many different styles showed their lines. From Costume Design, Street-Wear, Formal, and Business looks this show had them all. Arkansas Fashion School encourages students to think outside of the box and explore each students individual styles while still learning the core lessons needed for the Fashion Study Program.

Above: Amberly Holiman, Alumni

Above is StudentOolena Fitzgerald and her amazing line.

Above is Student: Emma Ferren and her designs

Above: Studetn Brennon Taylor and is Street-Wear Line

Above is Alimni Abby Alba and her amazing Formal Gown

Above is Student Ramon Linares and his line.

Above is Student Crystal Herring and her business looks.

Above is Alumni Amanda Morley showing her Costume Designs.

Designers walking down the runway.

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